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DefinitionsWordPart of Speech
become divided or detachedverb
automotive vehicle used for moving large loadsnoun
to make music with the voiceverb
a pillar; verticle section of a printed pagenoun
two timesadverb
a specific person or thingadjective
place where things are sold or madenoun
except on conditionconjunction
n:a location; v: to mark or seenoun/verb
not the one or the otheradjective
to come into sightverb
main meal of the day, eaten at nightnoun
v: to cause pain; a: physically injuredverb/adjective
n: a test or trial procedure; v: to try to prove or discovernoun/verb
to come into contact with something, usually with the handverb
for the reason that; due to the fact thatconjunction
in or at a certain placeadverb
to carry or have on the bodyverb
a helping verbverb
to use money to buy; to pass time in a certain placeverb

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