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Can you name the Words to scenes of an Italian restaurant ?

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a bottle of_
a bottle of_
or perhaps a bottle of rosee_
get a table near the_
in our old_
scene you and i face to_
bottle of_
bottle of_
it all depends upon your_
meet you any time you_
at our Italian _
things are ok with me these_
got a good_
got a good
got a new
got a new
and the family is
lost touch long
lost way did not
that you could ever look so
after so much
do you remember those
hanging out at the village
and tight blue
drop a dime in the
play a song about new
my sweet romantic teenage
brenda and eddie were the popular
and the king and the queen of the
riding around with the car top down and the
nobody looked any
or was more of a hit at the parkway
we never knew we could want more than
out of
surely brenda and eddie would always
how to
brenda and eddie were still going
in the summer of
when they decided that marriage
be at the end of
everyone said they were
brenda you know that your much too
and eddie could never
to live that kind of
but there we were waving
and eddie
well they got an
with deep pile
and a couple of paintings from
a big water
that they bought with the
they had saved for a couple of
but they started to
when the money got
and they just didnt count on the
yeah and rock n
they lived for a
in a very nice
but its always the same in the
they got a
as a matter of
and they parted the closest of
then the king and the
went back to the
but you can never go back there
brenda and eddie had had it
by the summer of
From the high to the
to the end of the
For the rest of their
They couldn't go back to the
The best they could
was pick up their
We always knew they
both find a way to get
Oh and that's all I
about brenda and
Can't tell you more
I've told you
And here we are
brenda and eddie
a bottle of
a bottle of
whatever kind of mood your in
ill meet you any time you
in our Italian

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