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HintHall of FamerYear Inducted
Edmonton Executive had a park named after him1983 Builder Umpire
Played 1883 to 92 Hit .435 in 19871983 Player
Former Prime Minister has a Airport named after him1983 Builder
Played 1934 to 42 won 5 world series1983 Player
Short Career in 05 and 08 President of international league1983 Player Builder
Little league coach in BC 1984 Builder
Former Owner of the Expos1984 Builder
Played 1910 to 22 and a broadcaster all with the Indians1984 Player Broadcaster
Played 1959 to 71 first Canadian to play with expos1984 Player Broadcaster
Played 1937 to 46 Mostly with the Dodgers1984 Player
Little league coach in Ontario1985 Builder
Former Owner of Redskins 1985 Builder
Played 1941 to 52 Athletics pitcher 1985 Player
Played 1965 to 80 Tigers peliever 1985 Player
Played 1962 to 72 Played with 69 miracle Mets1985 Player
Played 1969 to 81 Cards redsox pitcher1986 Player
Played 1883 to 85 MLB umpire from 1891 to 19231986 Player Umpire
Played 1941 to 48 Phillies Redsox pitcher1986 Player
minor league player and Scout 1986 Builder
Played 1909 to 15 Dominating pitcher1987 Player
Played 1965 to 83 only canadian in MLB HOF1987 Player
Played 1905 to 18 Pirates catcher1987 Player
Played 1942 to 1962 mostly in the minors1987 Player
Played 1953 to 62 tigers and senators 3b1988 Player
Played 1936 to 49 Indians and Browns OF1988 Player
Played 1879 to 88 oldtime 1b1988 Player
Played 1960 to 66 journeyman reliever1988 Player
BC baseball Pioneer1989 Builder
HintHall of FamerYear Inducted
Played 1880 to 94 shortstop and manager1989 Player
Played 1904 to 18 journeyman catcher1990 Player
Played 1946 to 56 famous Dodger 2b1991 Player
Played 1962 to 70 Whitesox 3b1991 Player
Minor league player and manager1991 Manager
Minor league player and manager1992 Player Manager
Played 1977 to 91 Astros OF1995 Player
Played 1905 to 20 Indians catcher1996 Player
Little league coach in Windsor1996 Builder
Played 1912 to 31 Journeyman 3b1996 Player
Former Blue Jays GM1997 Builder
Former Expos GM1997 Builder
Baseball Pioneer in Ontario1998 Builder
Minor league manager and player in Toronto1998 Builder
Played 1942 to 1947 played for Yankees and Pirates1999 Player
Longtime Executive of the Blue Jays1999 Builder
Baseball Pioneer has a ontario beer named after him1999 Builder
Longtime front office employee of the Expos2000 Builder
Played 1974 to 92 Expos and Mets Catcher2001 Player
Played 1975 to 82 long time coach under Tony LaRussa2001 Player Coach
Blue Jays Manger2002 Manager
Former Blue Jays Owner2002 Builder
Saskatchewan Baseball Pioneer2002 Builder
Minor league baseball employee2002 Builder
Long time minor league coach and manager2002 Manager
Baseball Pioneer in Quebec2003 Builder
Played from 1983 to 98 Hit the most famous homerun every in canada2003 Player
Played 1985 to 96 Angels Pitcher2003 Player
HintHall of FamerYear Inducted
Played 1976 to 1996 longtime Expos OF2004 Player
Former CEO of the Blue Jays2004 Builder
Former Owner of the Red Sox when Babe Ruth was around2004 Builder
Former CFL player Umpired from 1974 to 19992004 Umpire
Played from 1973 to 85 longtime Expos Pitcher2005 Player
Played from 1880 to 1891 Journeyman Infielder2005 Player
Played from 1979 to 98 longtime Blue Jays Pitcher2005 Player
Minor League Trainer2005 Builder
Minor league Executive2006 Builder
Longtime Dodger Manager2006 Manager
Played 1901 to 15 journeyman Catcher2006 Player
Minor league Pitcher 2006 Player
Longtime Tigers and Reds manager2007 Manager
Minor league manager and coach2007 Builder
Played 1940 to 52 former Twins VP2007 Player and Builder
Played 1983 to 01 Longtime Blue Jays SS2008 Player
Long time Minor league Pitcher2008 Player
Baseball Pioneer in Manitoba2008 Builder
Former Blue Jays Executive2008 Builder
Played 1910 to14 Journeyman OF 2009 Player
Baseball Pioneer in Windsor2009 Builder
Played 1989 to 2005 Expos and Rockies OF2009 Player
Played 1976 to 91 longtime Blue Jays Catcher2009 Player
Played 1988 to 2004 Blue Jays 2b2010 Player
Former Owner of the Twins2010 Builder
Played 1992 to 2005 Journeyman RP2010 Player
Former Dodgers Statitician2010 Builder

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