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An investigation using a sample
A variable that can only have certain values, usually integers
When a sample is not truly representative of the population, there is...
A set of chosen members of a population
Poisson Goes to...
Measurable quantity of a population
THIS of a statistic gives all values of a statistic and the probability that each would happen by chance alone
Quantity calculated solely from observations in a sample, with no unknown parameters
This causes uncertainty; 2 samples differ due to this between their members'
The type of investigation where information is obtained from all members of a population
A sample of size n is taken so every possible sample (of size n) has an equal chance of being selected
A list of all sampling units used in practice to represent a population
Binomial Goes to...
Where members can be numbered and counted
Individual units (members) of a sample
A collection of individual people or items
A statistic that comes from a test
Normal Goes to...
Where it's impossible to know the exact number of members
A variable that can take any value, usually in a given range

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