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To get a haloalkane from an alkane, what reaction happens?
What is added to an alkene to form a haloalkane?
How many reactions (of the 11 - ALL) is acid used as a catalyst for (ignore oxidation of alcohols)?
What catalyst is needed to form an alkane from an alkene (hydrogenation)?
What oxidising agent is used to oxidise alcohols?
What temperature is needed for hydrogenation of alkenes?
In the hydrolysis of a haloalkane, what is the reaction called?
What is added to an alcohol to halogenate it?
What catalyst is used when an alkene is hydrated?
What is added to an alkene to make an alcohol (specific to state)?
What colour change is there when an alcohol is oxidised?
What catalyst is needed when alcohols are dehydrated?
What is added to a haloalkane (reflux) to form an alcohol?
Can an alcohol be formed from an alkane directly?
What type of reaction do alkenes participate in?

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