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HintBeginning Letter
Greek PhilosopherA
British Islands in North Atlantic: Referred to in a geometric shapeB
Astrological Sign: The Sea GoatC
80s TV show turned into a 2005 movie starring Jessica SimpsonD
Hyundai car/HBO tv showE
Famous Frank Sinatra Song/2008 3D kids Movie about housefliesF
Red-Headed spice girlG
Figure Of Speech: An ExaggerationH
Famous Memorial Day Weekend American Automobile RaceI
Upton Sinclair Novel about corruption in American working conditionsJ
Newest Member of the Supreme CourtK
3rd book of the bibleL
Their calendar ends on December 21, 2012M
HintBeginning Letter
This Mans apocalypse prophecy predicts Hint MN
Buffalo Bills Wild West Show Star and Famous Woman American SharpshooterO
Dinosaur name for the Loch Ness monsterP
Subway RivalQ
'First It's Candy then It's Gum'R
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rat LeaderS
What Pecos Bill RidesT
Card game where you must declare you have only one card leftU
'Remember, remember the 5th of November' movieV
The 'King of Western Swing'-The Texas PlayboysW
Noble gasX
Another name for the Abominable SnowmanY
Germans Proposal to join forces with Mexico against US During WW1, which led to US involvement in the warZ

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