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Can you name the answers to this 4-letter Apple themed word ladder?

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Apple's Tablet
Apple's MP3 player
Single Point of Data
X marks the ____
Short for saliva
Slogan: 'a new ____ on music'
To make a cross sign
Okinawan martial arts weapons
Illness originated in Asia
iPhone's personal assistant
Turkish kitchen equipment
The predecessor of the Nano
Belonging to me
ca. 1.6 km
A heap of things lying on eachother
Freshwater fish
Apple's partner for their sport kit
The earth's core
Game of ____
Who's ____ is it anyway?
Earth's moon
Slogan: '____ your run'
Large beer casks
Birds from New Zealand
____ and that
Slogan: '____ as ever, faster than ever'
Front part of the leg
Water vessel
Slogan: 'Come to ____, return to learn'
To cut up wood
A pen for small animals
Current CEO of Apple
Slogan: '____ Smart'
disapprovals from the audience
Short jerky movements
The founder of Apple
He runs
Sawn tree parts
An apple with a bite out of it
An area which one cannot enter
Thats forbidden
The successor of the Mini
Mountain peaks
British Educational Administration Society
Slogan: The first phone to ____ the iphone'
Slogan: 'The power to be your ____'
Slogan: 'The computer for the ____ of us'

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