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Ordered his former men to kill one of Cao Cao's Bodyguard
Son of Cao Cao, Father of Cao Rui
Declared himself King Of Wei
Killed protecting Cao Cao at Wan Castle
Likes to dance on the battlefield
Lost his eye in the 'Battle Of Xiapi'
Killed by Huang Zhong at Mt Jing Dun
Cao Pi's Wife
One of Cao Cao's five generals, greatly respects Guan Yu
Killed 100,000 Wu soliders at Hefei
Bodyguard of Cao Cao, known as the tiger
Cousin of Cao Cao, wears large armor
Carries the harp
Led Wu after hius father and older brother was killed
Killed by Huang Zu
Killed at Xu Chang
Got married to Liu Bei
Killed while protecting Sun Quan at Hefei
The Wu stratigist at Chibi
Caused the Wei fleet at chibi to burn
Killed Ling Tong's father
Wants revenge against Gan Ning
Helped with the fire attack at Yiling
Married Zhou Yu
Married Sun Ce
Died in Lu Xun's arms at Fan Castle
Led Wu at Yiling
Guides Sun Quan throuhgout his life as Emperor Of Wu
Very large in size but soft inside
Led Shu alongside his brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei
Led Shu under the new generation
Died alongside his father at Fan Castle
Attempted to escape Fan Castle but was killed
A master at archery, he joined Liu Bei alongside Wei Yan
Took Zhuge Liang's place after his death at Wu Zhang Plains
He was the last Tiger General of Shu
Killed at ChengDu from an unexpected ambush
Very loyal to Liu Bei, but after his death rebelled and was killed by Shu
Daughter of Zhang Fei
Married to Zhuge Liang
Stood alone on the ChangBan bridge holding off Wei
Saved Liu Shan as a baby at ChangBan
Liu Bei's main stratigist
In love with Guan Suo
Killed Ma Zhong at Yiling to avenge his father's death
Father killed at Tong Gate
Betrayed Wei and formed the Jin Dynasty
Son of Sima Yi, very intelligent
Son of Sima Yi, lazy
Carries the Lance
Wife of Sima Shi
Son of Xiahou Yuan
Carries the floating swords
Known as 'the dog'
Constantly believes he is unhealthy
Leader of the Yellow Turbans
Leads Nan Zhong alongside her husband
Held off many Han soldiers at Hu Lao Gate
Tyrant of Luo Yang, was murdered by his adopted son Lu Bu
Faced Cao Cao at Guan Du but lost and later died
Leads Nan Zhong alongside his wife
Always stays by Lu Bu's side

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