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2007Paul Thomas Anderson
2004Adam McKay
2003Peter Jackson
2004Judd Apatow
2007Joel & Ethan Coen
2007David Fincher
2006Alfonso Cuaron
2007Julian Maury & Alexandre Bustillo
2010David Fincher
2002Peter Jackson
2007Juame Balaguero & Paco Plaza
2007Greg Mottola
2005Neil Marshall
2007Judd Apatow
2008Darren Aronofsky
2008Nicholas Stoller
2010Darren Aronofsky
2006Guillermo del Toro
2009Neill Blomkamp
2010Lee Unkrich
2011Nicolas Winding Refn
2003Quentin Tarantino
2002Danny Boyle
2011Martin Scorsese
2007Tony Gilroy
2008Christopher Nolan
2009Kathryn Bigelow
2007Julian Schnabel
2006Martin Scorsese
2011Kim Jee-woon
2010Christopher Nolan
2004Alexander Payne
2004Clint Eastwood
2009Pete Docter & Bob Peterson
2004Joshua Marston
2005Steven Spielberg
2005Ang Lee
2003Chan-wook Park
2006Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris
2009Joel & Ethan Coen
2008Gus Van Sant
2009Quentin Tarantino
2003Jee-woon Kim
2007Seth Gordon
2007Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino
2006Florian Henckel von Donnersmark
2004Shane Carruth
2007David Cronenberg
2008Tomas Alfredson
2009Cary Fukunaga
2007Frank Darabont
2008Pascal Laugier
2004Edgar Wright
2008Adam McKay
2006Ryan Fleck
2002Fernando Meirelles
2006Billy Corben
2007Paul Greengrass
2008Jon Favreau
2002Peter Sollett
2006Larry Charles
2004Alexandre Aja
2009J.J. Abrams
2002Martin Scorsese
2010Edgar Wright
2002Curtis Hanson
2004Michel Gondry
2005David Dobkin
2004Zach Snyder
2004Danny Leiner
2009Oren Peli
2003Todd Phillips
2003Sofia Coppola
2009Todd Phillips
2007Zach Snyder
2009Marc Webb
2008Bryan Bertino
2005Henry Alex Rubin & David Alex Shapiro
2003Bryan Singer
2004Brad Bird
2006Martin Campbell
2011James Wan
2008Matt Reeves
2002Spike Lee
2008Pierre Morel
2009Sam Raimi
2004Michael Moore
2003Jon Favreau
2004Michael Mann
2004Mark Waters
2004Trey Parker
2004James Wan
2011Joe Cornish
2006Nicholaus Goossen
2002Gore Verbinski
2008Ben Stiller
2007Kasi Lemmons
2005Noah Baumbach
2004Jared Hess
2005Robert Rodriguez

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