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What factor determines whether a biome is a desert, forest, or grassland?
Where are riparian habitats found?
Are deciduous trees evergreen?
What is a synonym for morphology?
A trophic relationship is a _____ relationship
What does the root epi- mean?
To trickle through also means to _____
What does the root anthro- mean?
What is the term for active during the day?
What is the curved line in a liquid?
A stem that connects a leaf to a branch?
How many inches of rain does SA receive?
Where is the fresh water that we can't access?
What is another term for the water cycle?
What habitat does purple loosestrife invade?
Do all introduced species cause harm?
What do paleontologists study?
What is water that isn't fresh or salty?
'Ecosystem' is short for...
What is the leading cause of extinction?
What is the 2nd leading cause of extinction?
A more common term for 'arid' is....
What can nekton do that others can't?
Temperatures decrease as altitude..

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