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Who was the gamekeeper before Hagrid?
What drink does Fudge offer the Muggle prime minister?
What is the first thing Harry says to Hagrid?
What does Dobby call Ron when explaining the Second Task to Harry?
What charm does Hermione use to blindfold Phineas Nigellus?
Who is the male Ravenclaw prefect in Harry's year?
The Quibbler suggests Sirius Black is a false name, the real individual in question being ________?
Which member of the Order is sent to Azkaban on charges of trespass and attempted robbery?
Who do Harry and Ron ask directions to the Slytherin Common room while disguised by Polyjuice Potion?
What does Mr. Crouch call Percy?
On what day of the week does the Quidditch World Cup in Book 4 take place?
What is contained in the first compartment of Moody's trunk?
Seeking news of Voldemort, Harry listens to a news report on a waterskiing budgie named _____?
Tonks sends the Dursleys a letter telling them they have been shortlisted for this contest
Where in Cokeworth do the Dursleys stay in order to avoid whoever is writing to Harry?
What spell does Mr. Weasley suggest might stop the rain in Yaxley's office?
Name one of Mrs. Cattermole's children.
Hagrid suspects his roosters are being killed by foxes or a _______
Name one of the three Ds.
What incantation causes the target's tongue to be glued to the roof of his/her mouth?

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