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Forced Order
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League of Venice
Elizabeth allows a Latin version of the Prayer Book
FACTION – Failed conservative plot against Catherine Parr
Peace of Troyes
2nd Act of Repeal / Heresy Act
League of Cambrai (anti-Spanish alliance)
Throckmorton plot – to put MQS on throne and links with Spanish ambassador Mendoza.
Supplication against the ordinaries
Treaty of Greenwich / marries Catherine Parr
Anne Askew is burnt for denying transubstantiation
FACTION – The Exeter Conspiracy
Battle of Pinkie
39 articles were passed through convocation (representative assembly of the church) and given statutory authority in 1571
Battle of Solway Moss
Small Pox epidemic
– Francis Drake destroys Spanish ships being constructed in Cadiz and captured a Portuguese treasure fleet
Elizabethan religious settlement, a compromise which secured Protestant reforms but allowed some Catholic traditions to continue.
Marriage of Mary and Philip / Wyatts Rebellion
Treaty of Edinburgh
Act for the Dissolution of the Greater Monasteries / Act of 6 articles
Treaty of Nonsuch with Dutch rebels
Treaty of Joinville between Spanish and French Catholics
Navigation Acts - only English ships were allowed to be used to import goods and that a foreign ship could only be used when an English ship was not available.
Essex Rebellion
Revolt of the Netherlands
Second Statute of Repeal removes all Protestant legislation passed since 1529 / Ridley and Latimer burned
Henry VIII marries Anne of Cleaves / Cromwell executed. /Henry marries Catherine Howard
Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity (Liz)
Legatine Synod
Treaty of Bruges
England loses Calais
Perkin Warbeck & Earl of Warwick executed
Henry VII dies
Renewed Treaty of Etaples
1st Act of repeal/ LJG plot
England declares war on France
10,000 troops under command of Suffolk get within 50 miles of Paris. BUT Treaty of Bruge collapses and bad weather forces a retreat.
Act for the Dissolution of the Lesser Monasteries. POG
Planned 4-prong attack on Northern France. Only England sends troops. Capture of Therouanne and Tournai. Battle of the Spurs.
Treaty of Blois – Anglo-French alliance against Spain / Massacre at St Bartholomews
Henry arranges to meet with James V in York – James does not turn up
Bishops Book. Birth of Edward
By this date the Privy Chamber has a turnover of 100,000
Death of Isabel of Castile
Battle of Pavia. Francis I captured. Henry tries to raise tax to invade weakened France. Causes the Amicable Grant tax rebellion
Battle of Flodden
Spanish Armada
Treaty of Camp - Peace with France. Henry allowed to keep Boulogne for 8 years.
Wolsey tried to purge the Privy Chamber
Treason Act. Act of Supremacy. Act of Succession.
Louis XII marries Henry’s sister Mary
Establishment of the Holy League.
Henry secures a peace treaty with Charles V (HRE) – both agreed to invade France in 1543
Treaty of Etaples
Death of Louis XII. Francis I new king of France. French victory at the Battle of Marignano. France capture Milan, Margaret Tudor forced from Scotland.
English Litany introduced to Churches / England take Boulogne
Loans and Benevolences - £48,000 was raised for Brittany and £9000 was contributed by the city of London
Yorkshire Rebellion
Battle of Ivry / Philip II renews treaty with Catholic League
Vagrancy Act
Treaty of Ayton
French counter-invasion of the Isle of White. Mary Rose is sunk. Henry spends £130,000 defending Boulogne
Vestment Controversy
Retaliation against Scotland – Earl of Hertford oversees the ‘burning of Edinburgh’ . Little was achieved other than revenge. Franco-Scottish Alliance is made stronger
Act of 6 Articles Repealed
Field of the Cloth of Gold
Treaty of Medina del Campo
Holy League
Battle of Stoke
League of Cognac
Ferdinand dies – replaced by Charles I. Spain and France alliance – Treaty of Noyon
Attempted invasion of France.
Princess Margaret marries James IV of Scotland
Scarborough Raid followed by England declaring war against France
Empson and Dudley executed
Catherine of Aragon dies. Anne Boleyn is executed. Ten Articles
Pope excommunicates Liz / Considers marriage with Duke of Anjou
Death of Prince Arthur
Chantries Act
Death of Elizabeth of York
Anne and Henry marry. He is excommunicated. Elizabeth Barton executed.
Act of Resumption - Recovered all property granted away since 1455
Oxfordshire Rising
Peace of Boulgne
Downfall of Wolsey
Northern Earls Rebellion
Cornish Rebellion
Act of Union - Wales became incorporated into the English legal and administrative system
Truce of Ayton
Lovel & Stafford Rebellion
Friends of the Marquis of Dorset signed bonds totalling £10,000 as a promise of his good behaviour.
Elizabeth tries to ban clerical marriage but compromises upon sending wives and children away
– Henry VIII had spent £2,100,000 on the war and borrowed £152,000 from continental bankers
Cranmer burned
Treaty of Berwick with James VI/ Babington plot - MQS executed 1 year later
The King's Book
‘Ten Year Peace’ between France and the Holy Roman Empire, supported by the Pope increased likelihood of a Catholic Crusade against England. Scotland was also prepared to suppo
1st Act of uniformity
Tyrone’s Rebellion (ends 1603)
Maximillian I dies – replaced by Charles V as Emperor (He is also Charles I of Spain)
Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis / Rise of Lords of Congregation / Francis II new king of France – married to MQS
Brittany Crisis
1st Book of Common Prayer – A compromise – only ceremonial changes established.
New Ordinal – new rules about ordination of new clergy – clergy would still wear catholic vestments.
Magnus Intercursus
Ridolfi Plot
New Pope Paul IV (anti-Spanish)
42 Articles – strongly protestant, confirmed justification by faith and predestination. (Was never enacted in to law due to Edward’s death / 2nd Act of Uniformity
‘Treaty of Perpetual Peace’ – Treaty of London
Treaty of Cambrai = Peace between France and Holy Roman Empire
Malus Intercursus
Western Rebellion/ Ket's rebellion

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