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Forced Order
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out 146 gentry how many in Northumberland could not sign name
How many religious houses did H7 found?
How much is spent defending Boulogne
How many bishops out of 830 were executed
what percentage of adult males were monks?
How much was the subsidy for the yorkshire rebellion
Wolsey raised this much in subsidies
H7 replaced the Lord Lieutenant in the North with who?
What was confraternity?
How much was the earl of oxford fined for breaking the statute of livery and maintenance
In 1491 £48,000 was raised for Brittany how much was contributed by the City of London
How much did Sir Thomas Tyrell pay for reversal of attainders
how many sessions of parliament were there under liz
Lord Burgavenny is convicted in 1507 of retaining 471 men - how much is he fined?
Member of gentry under Richard III
Annual income from corwn lands rose to how much in 1509
H7 how many acts of attainder were passes? - 46 reversed
How much did H7 raise in feudal dues for Princess Margarets marriage in 1503
second half of liz reign how many books published
how many labourers were charged with earning too much under poor laws in York
H7 sold the position of Archdeacon Buckingham
Wolsey acted against 260 landowners after 1517 national enquiry how many came to court
1504-09 how many acts of attainder were passed
Custom Duties provided what fraction of crowns ordinary revenue
Finance - income under cromwell doubled to
out of 14 of the wyatt rebellion leaders how many were protestant
By 1547 the crown had made how much from monastic land sales
At the beginning of H7 reign how many parishes were there?
French pension = how much
Between 1509-20 how much was gov expenditure
By 1495 how many marcher lordshps were not under H7's control - more than any other previous king
By 1603 what % of pop were catholic
liz first 3 parliaments passed how many acts
Henry called parliament this many times - 72 weeks out of 24 years

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