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Forced Order
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Yalta and Potsdam Conferences
Kamenev and Zinoviev headed United Opposition
Dizzy with Success speech published in pravda
Major reversal of Bolshevik policy for women – abortion restricted in June. Show Trials – Zinoviev and Kamenev killed
Lenin issues his April Theses
Kornilov Affair
Pact with France and Czechoslovakia
Battle of Stalingrad
2nd 5YP
Operation Barbarossa. Siege of Leningrad
Japan invaded Manchuria
Tehran conference
JUNE - Major reversal of policy towards women - abortion restricted, divorce harder
Stalin required all Christian denominations come under the authority of the Orthodox church.4th 5YP & 5th 5YP (until 1955)
Stalin established as vozhd – 50th birthday
Leningrad Affair / Formation of Soviet Bloc
COMECON created / USSR detonated its first atomic bomb
Lenin Enrolment (until 1925)
Nicholas II took command of the Russian armies
Cheka created
The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan
Trotsky expelled from CPSU
Soviet blockade of Berlin. Death of Zhdanov
Provisional Government claimed authority
Soviet Union of Writers formed/ Kirov Murder
Kronstadt Rising / Introduction of NEP / Decree against factionalism
Tambov Revolt / Russo-Polish war
3rd Show Trial - Bukharin executed
The Great Terror / Spanish Civil War
Academy of Sciences was brought under direct government control
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Rapallo Treaty
Death of Lenin / Zinoviev Letter
Comintern established
Doctor’s plot / Death of Stalin
Petrograd soviet issued Order Number 1 / Tsar abdicates
Dissolution of Constituent Assembly
Trotsky joined Kamenev and Zinoviev in bloc / Treaty of Berlin
Decree on Land / Decree on Worker’s Control
Russian Civil War / War Communism
Nazi-Soviet Pact / Yezhov arrested
Munich Plot – Stalin saw it as Western plot against the USSR / Germany invades Sudetenland
Bolsheviks took power under Lenin / Decree on Peace
Stalin attacked the Right / 1st 5YP
Purging of the armed forces. 3rd 5YP. Yagoda replaced by Yezhov
July Days Uprising
People's Commissariat of Health created - provided free healthcare
Murder of Romanovs

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