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description/common nameOrder
hoopoe/hornbills/etc. - cavity nesters, complex social system
boobies/gannets/cormorants/shags/anihgas/darters -
mousebirds - Africa, agricultural pests, relaxed plumage
pelicans/ibises/spoonbills/herons/frigate birds/etc. - totipalmate
Cuckoo Roller - Madagascar, caterpillar diet
grebes - oceans and lakes worldwide, laterally compressed tarsi, lobbed toes, foot-propelled divers
trogons/quetzals - worldwide tropical forests, only heterodactyl family, wide gape, avacado specialists
petrels/albatross/storm petrels - high aspect wings, tube noses, pelagic, colonial nesters/burrowers, delayed reproductive maturity
ostrich - two toes, polyandrous, penis, flightless
rheas - South America, flightless, polyandrous
falcons - worldwide, hooked bill with tomial tooth, pointed wings, fastest flying birds, powerful talons
toucans/woodpeckers/barbets/honeyguides/etc. - zygodactyl, many fruit eaters and cavity nesters
owls - zygodactyl, cere, rodent diet
seriemas - Brazil/Argentina grasslands, long legs, crests, cursorial predator, similar to Secretary bird
goat milker - enormous weak gapes, nocturnal aerial insectivores
sandgrouse - Europe, Africa, Asia arid habitats, specialized feathers for carrying water on belly
gulls/sandpipers/auks/plovers - shorebirds
kiwis - New Zealand, polyandrous, rhynchokinesis, flightless
Madagascar, behave like ground doves, polyandrous
kagu/sunbittern - powder down, nearly flightless/ magnificent tails and wings
description/common nameOrder
vultures/secretary bird/osprey/hawks/eagles/kites
tropic birds - tropical oceans, totipalmate, have nostrils (unusual since divers), fish diet, colonial island breeders
flamingos - tropical S. hemisphere, saline lakes, bill lamellate (like a baleen)
song birds
pigeons/doves/dodo/solitaire - worldwide, huge family, strong flight, monogamous
cassowries/emus - New Guinea/Australia, flightless
parrots - worldwide most abundant in tropics/subtropics, fruit and seed eaters, zygodactyl, learn vocalizations
duck/geese/swans/screamers - aquatic
penguins - almost all southern hemisphere, flightless, colonial, wing-propelled divers, monogamous, distinctive voices
hoatzin - riverbanks of Amazonia, claw hand at hatching, lizard like, foregut fermentation
bustards - Old World open habitats, cursorial, big heavy bodies similar to scaled down ratite
storks - worldwide, long legged, heavy large bill, bare neck/face, carrion diet
swifts and hummingbirds - small feet, stiffened rectrices
loons and divers - holarctic, tarsi laterally compressed, foot-propelled divers, monogamous
tinamous - New World tropisratite, but can fly,
cuckoos/anis - worldwide, zygodactyl, graduated tail, European spp. brood parasites
rails/cranes/limpkins/trumpeters/finfoots/etc. - long legged odd birds, grab bag order
plantaineaters/turacos - African forests/savannas, zygodactyl (4th toe reversible), fruit diet, crested, unique pigments
kingfishers/rollers/motmots - most nest in burrows
curassows/quail/pheasants/turkeys/grouse - worldwide, short round wings, terrestrial, herbivores

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