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ARogue Mossad operative responsible for killing Caitlin Todd
BNCIS creator
CAbby's go-to drink
Da.k.a Dr. Donald Mallard
EZiva's father
FSenior FBI Special Agent who frequently works with the team
GMcGee's pseudonym
HTwo-part episode ending in Gibbs (temporarily) resigning
IZiva's homeland
JTony's Season 4 girlfriend who he falls in love with during an undercover mission
KSpecial operations unit of Mossad that both Ziva and Rifkin were members of
LNCIS agent turned FBI agent turned NCIS agent until his death at the hands of Agent Lee
MWhat Dr. Mallard drives
NAbby's hometown
OThe appropriate response to an order from Gibbs
PDinozzo's mother's maiden name
QEpisode of JAG which introduced the NCIS series
RTony and Ziva go undercover as these undercover assassins
SHometown of Gibbs
TZiva's sister who was killed at 16 by a Hamas bombing
UEither of the two ships which Tony is assigned to as agent afloat
VNCIS Director who takes over after Dir. Shepard
WLast name of Corporal Punishment
XWhat Ziva accuses Tony of being
YFirst episdoe title
ZMossad liason officer turned NCIS probationary agent

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