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A marine on his last night before going to Vietnam asks a girl out to a party, which is secretly a contest for the 'ugliest date'First Date/Last Night
A outcast young girl is enlisted into the Popular Crowd and later turns against them, and with her boyfriend's encouraging, helps him to murder the popular kidsCandy Store
A young boy moves from NYC to a small town and tries to become popularWhat It Means to Be a Friend
An unlikley pair is set up on a blind date and end up falling in loveFirst Impressions
A gay couple tries to navigate adolescance, discrimination, doubt, and sexuality at a Catholic Boarding SchoolRole of a Lifetime
A song cycle about the difficulties and adventures of college lifeAnyway
A girl tries to sort through her Senior Year,as she tries to gain the courage to turn the ignition and drive into her futureFreedom
A cheerleader gets transferred to an intercity highschool and tries to get her new classmates to band together and create a squad to win NationalsOne Perfect Moment
Two outlaws madly in love take the South by stormDyin Aint So Bad
A couple recounts the story of their romance, the woman starting from the end and going back, the man starting at the beginning and going forwardI'm Still Hurting
A bullied and harrassed teenage girl, abused by her mother, uses her supernatural powers to terrorize the schoolWhen There's No One
A young conman runs from the law, impersonates a pilot, a doctor and a lawyer, falls in love and finds a father where he least expects itLive in Living Colour
A woman contemplates how her life would be different if she chose a different pathHere I Go
A shoe factory owner teams up with a drag queen to save his ailing buisinessLand of Lola
A woman troubled with bipolar disorder and depression tries to come to terms with the death of her sonSuperboy and the Invisible Girl
The young residents of a poor New York suburb try to understand their identity and find home and their futuresBreathe
A young girl defies her cruel parents and evil headmistress to prove that you can always write your own ending to your storyQuiet
Two young missionaries go to Uganda and try to spread their wisdom amongst the crises of AIDS and cruel dictatorsI Believe
Two budding musicians meet at a bar and fall in loveFalling Slowly
A group of teenagers battle to understand their own sexuality in GermanyMama Who Bore Me

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