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How well do you know Glee's Quinn Fabray?

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What is Quinn's middle name?
Who played Quinn?
What was the 'mean nickname' people used to call her at her old school? / What is written on her shirt in Born This Way?
What's her sister's name?
What about her dad's name?
And her mum's?
In season one, who did she say was the father of her baby?
When in fact the father was...?
In the end, who adopted said baby?
In 'The Purple Piano Project', we learned that Quinn dyed her hair what colour?
And she got an ironic tattoo of whom?
In 'Theatricality' what colour were her eyelashes as part of her Lady Gaga costume?
Which college does she end up going to?
Who does she sing 'Lucky' with?
In the episode 'I Do' who does Quinn sleep with (twice)?
In what year was Quinn born?
In what episode does Quinn's father kick her out the house?
Before being kicked out, what road did Quinn live on?
Who did she play in McKinley's production of Rocky Horror?
When she was involved in the car accident that briefly put her in a wheelchair, what did the text she was sending to Rachel say? (It's also the name of the episode)
In 'Homecoming' what Ariana Grande song does she sing with Brittany and Santana?
In season five (100) she returns to Lima with a a new boyfriend - what's his name?
What song did she sing to audition for the New Directions?
When Quinn says 'Don't you dare mention the C-word!' in season one, what is 'the C word'?
According to Finn, what kind of drunk is Quinn? (Blame It On The Alcohol)
Who or what is she talking about when she references 'her perfect thing'?
True or false - in the first drafts of The Pilot, Quinn's name was originally Liz?
In season 2, who does she accept a promise ring from?
In 'Jagged Little Tapestry' Quinn sings (or tries to sing...) 'So Far Away' by Carole King with which of her friends?
Quinn wears a necklace pretty much every time we see her. What shape is that necklace in?
What are Quinn, Brittany, and Santana collectively known as?
Name one of the clubs Quinn has been in over the seasons

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