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Forced Order
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The first image we see at the very beginning of the show is an eye. Whose is it?Pilot, Part 1.
Who does Claire initially think is Shannon's boyfriend?Pilot, Par 2.
In a flashback, we see Kate take on one of her many aliases - what does she tell Ray Mullen her name is?Tabula Rasa
In this episode, we first hear Locke's famous catchphrase. What is it?Walkabout
Jack dives into to the ocean to save Joanna, but ends up saving somebody else (who also tried to help Joanna) instead. Who does Jack save from drowning?White Rabbit
In the caves, the survivors find two corpses, and Locke 'names' them after two figures from the bible. What does he call them?House Of The Rising Sun
In this episode, we find out more about Charlie, his brother, and his band. What's Charlie's older brother called?The Moth
Who wrote the letter that Sawyer keeps very close to his chest?Confidence Man
Sayid is interrogated by the infamous 'French Woman' in this episode - what is her name?Solitary
We found out in this episode how Claire came to be the single expectant mother she was. What is the name of the ex-boyfriend who abandoned her?Raised By Another
Who says 'It's stupid to lie about your name.' to Sawyer?All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Shannon talks of a young boy she used to know, who would constantly watch a film in French about what kind of animal?Whatever The Case May Be
In a flashback, we see Boone talking to an officer in a police station. Which other survivor is dragged past him?Hearts And Minds
In this episode we find out more about Walt's mother, who died. What was her name?Special
We see Charlie commit his only murder in this episode. Who did he kill?Homecoming
In this episode, Sawyer has a feud with what kind of animal?Outlaws
In this episode, the survivors find out that Sun can speak what language?...In Translation
We discover more about Hurley, and that he won the lottery by playing 'the numbers.' - What are the numbers?Numbers
What organ did Locke donate to his father?Deus Ex Machina
What is Boone's blood type?Do No Harm
As a place-holder until Claire names her son, what does Charlie call him?The Greater Good
To stop him from leaving on the raft, Sun attempts to poison Jin. Who does she poison instead by accident?Born To Run
In regards to The Others, what does Danielle say are the survivors' three options?Exodus, Part 1
Who kidnaps Aaron?Exodus, Par 2

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