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Forced Order
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What does Rachel put after her own name, as they are 'her thing'?
What's Beth's last name?
What was the name of one of the rival show choirs, which included members such as Jesse St. James and Unique Adams?
Who plays Kitty?
Which trilogy of books is Marley a big fan of?
How old is Finn in the pilot?
What song did Sugar sing to audition for the New Directions?
Demi Lovato was a guest star in season 5, playing whose love interest?
According to Brittany, what animals are just 'gay sharks'?
What's the name of Sue Sylvester's baby?
Throughout season 1, what was Tina faking?
Where was Quinn going when she was involved in the car crash?
What colour shirts do the glee club wear during their first performance of Don't Stop Believing?
Which cast member currently hosts the show Virtually Famous?
What was the name of the episode dedicated to the beloved Cory Monteith?
In season 5, which pair sang 'Barracuda' together?
Kurt gets a misspelled tattoo - what does it say?
What is Quinn's middle name?
At what age was Artie involved in the car crash that put him in his wheelchair?
What's Mercedes's dad's job?
How are Puck and Jake related?
Who or what is 'Pizes'?
Finish the Santana quote: 'The only straight I am is...'
Who guest starred as Bryan Ryan?
What show did Alex Newell, Lindsay Pearce, and Damian McGinty (among others) appear on to win a part on Glee?
What's the name of Quinn's sister?
Who is Lord Tubbington?
What school do Figgins, Roz Washington, and Emma Pillsbury work at?
At the beginning of season three, we discover Quinn got a tattoo over the summer. Who's it of?
What is Brittany's web show called?

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