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Forced Order
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How many months pregnant is Claire when the plane crashes?
Why was she going to LA?
How old is she in the pilot?
What does she name her son?
But before she names the baby, what does Charlie call him?
Who is Claire's father?
And her mother is...?
As a teen, what colour did Claire dye her hair?
Who plays Claire?
Name a Claire-orientated episode.
When is her birthday?
What is the name of her ex-boyfriend, and the biological father of Aaron?
Before the crash, where did she live?
Herself and Aaron get baptised on the island, who performs the baptism?
Name one of the places we know she worked at pre-island?
Claire believed her father died when she was what age?
While pregnant, she visited a psychic. What was his name?
What's her favourite food?
When she and Charlie are talking about what they miss from home, what does Claire say she misses?
Who made her Aaron's cradle for her birthday?
While pregnant, she describes herself as a '______ of responsibility just waiting to go off.'
After the Oceanic Six leave the island, how long did Claire live in the jungle alone for?
Who delivers her baby?
In a deleted scene, she walks in on which pair having sex?
Who saves her from nearly drowning?
What kind of shoes is she wearing the first time we meet her?
Who tells Claire about Charlie's passing?
In what episode does Claire finally leave the island for the first and final time?
Since she's very into astrology, what's her star sign?
And finally, who is her soulmate?

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