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LyricsSong Titles
''Where words cascade like rainbows, tumbling from the sky, then I'll be there, I'll be there.''
''It was one of those nights, one of those nights when you feel the world stopped turnin'.''
''When all the thrills have been forgotten, the chill of night can call them home.''
''You got me runin' goin' outta my mind, you got me thinkin' that I'm wastin' my time.''
''Just a lonely girl, who could not face a broken world...''
''Deep waters flow outta the sea, they never needed you or me...''
''You gotta stop foolin' around, keep your feet on the ground little girl...''
''Sometimes I look up high, and then I think there might just be a better life.''
''She said she'd rather die, than ever leaving...''
''You took me by surprise, opened up my eyes, now we gotta talk this over.''
LyricsSong Titles
''Am I awake or do I dream? The strangest pictures I have seen...''
''Standin' at the airport looking down the strip, she was cryin' her eyes, she was bitin' her lip...''
''The wheels of life will stretch your face, squeeze you flat without a trace.''
''(She's gone so long) what can I do? (Where could she be)? No, no, no!''
''The dying embers of the night (a fire that slowly fades to dawn) still glow upon the wall so bright.''
''The iceman came to me tonight, so very near, but outta sight...''
''Little darlin' of my life, you keep movin' cross my mind.''
''Just got back from the downtown palais, where the music was so sweet, it knocked me right back in the alley!''
''When you get so down and you can't get up, and you want so much, but you're all out of luck...''
''The city boys, and the country boys, they come from miles around.''

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