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Protagonist is Known ForName of ProtagonistBook Title
This boy plays with this girl, which is his new next-door neighbor, and they both make an imaginary world.Bridge to Terabithia
A young man that dreams of something bigger than what he already has.Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Man goes on a big adventure with a wizard, and thirteen dwarves.The Hobbit
A Professor of Religious Symbology finds hidden clues in Leonardo da Vinci's paintings.The Da Vinci Code
Girl falls in a rabbit hole, and enters in a strange world.Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
When her hometown is being taken over by the Yankees, she wonders if her home is also gone.Gone with the Wind
Woman who was put in an insane asylum, and tells about her life in collage.The Bell Jar
A pig, who can talk, and is friends with an arachnoid.Charlotte's Web
Protagonist is Known ForName of ProtagonistBook Title
Four Children find a magical wardrobe.Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
A violent trouble-making teenager, also makes up random words.A Clockwork Orange
A young woman, short for her age, joins an adventure with a creature that can turn into any animal it wishes.Northern Lights (The Golden Compass)
A man goes on the seas to find a whale.Moby-Dick
Mean old man that doesn't care about a particular holiday, and doesn't like kindness.A Christmas Carol
Orphan boy realizes that his gaurdian parent has a magical ring that can turn him invisible.The Lord of the Rings
A boy goes to a school for young wizards and witches.Harry Potter Series

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