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descriptionword/key phraseextra hint
region of the cerebral cortex that has specialized areas for movement, abstract thinking, planning, memory, judgement
simple pathways in the nervous system that rapidly generate muscle contractions
neurons that connect sensory neurons, motor neurons, or other interneurons
an area of the brain that coordinates info coming into and out of the spinal cord
one way to clear up an overflow of neuroTs in the synapse is reabsorbtion of the excess by the terminal buttons of the PREsynaptic neuron's axon. process called..
neurons that receive info from the external world and convey this info to the brain via the spinal cord
chemicals that transmit info across the synapse to a receiving neuron's dendrites
thick band of nerve fibers connecting hemispheres of the cerebral cortex, supports communication between them
areas of the forebrain housed under the cerebral cortex near the very center of the brain
cells in the nervous system that communicate with one another to perform information-processing tasks
a subcortical structure that relays and filters info from the senses and transmits the info to the cerebral cortex
an extension of the spinal cord into the skull that coordinates heart rate, circulation, and respiration
region of the cerebral cortex responsible for hearing, language, and recognizing familiar objectslocated below frontal, parietal, and occipital, in the middle
a split brain person sees a key on the left and a ring on the right. when asked to verbally say what she sees, she says
most widely used functional-brain-imaging techniques nowadays isdetects twisting of oxygen-carring hemoglobin moleculs in the blood when exposed to magnetic pulses
neuroT regulates motor behavior, motivation, pleasure, and emotional arousal
part of the nervous system that connects the central n system to the body's organs and muscles
region of the cerebral cortex that processes visual infolocated towards the back
a structure critical for creating new memories and integrating them into a network of knowledge so that they can be stored indefinitely in other parts of the cerebcortx
idea explaining that if you lose a middle finger (for example) the part of the somatosensory area that represents that finger will overtime become responsive to stimulation of adja
parts of the cell membrane that receive the neurotransmitter and initiate a new electric signla
a set of nerves that helps the body return to a normal resting state
the part of a neuron that transmits info to other neurons, muscles, or glands
chemicals that act within the pain pathways and emotion centers of the brain
support cells found in the nervous system
knoblike structures that branch out from an axon
an insulating layer of fatty material (over axon)makes axon more efficient in transmitting signals
region of the cerebral cortex whose funcitons include processing info about touchlocated in the middle and above temporal
descriptionword/key phraseextra hint
the part of the nervous system that is composed of the brain and spinal cord
neuroT that influences mood and arousal
the time following an action potential during which a new action potential cannot be initiated
a large structure of the hindbrain that controls fine motor skills
neuroT regulates sleep and wakefulness, eating, aggressive behavior
the part of a neuron that receives info from other neurons and relays it to the cell body
a subcortical structure that regulates body temp, hunger, thirst, and sexual behavior
neurons that carry signals from the spinal cord to the muscles to produce movement
a set of nerves that conveys info into and out of the CNS
the outermost layer of the brain, visible to the naked eye and divided into two hemisphers
a set of nerves that carries involuntary and automatic commands that control blood vessels, body organs, and glands
the difference in electric charge between the inside and outside of a neuron's cell membrane
an action potential occurs when an electric charge causes ________ ions to flow into the neuron
a set of nerves that prepares the body for action in threatening situations
the master gland of the body's hormone-producing system, releases hormones that direct the functions of many other glands in the body
an electric signal that is conducted along an axon to a synapse
an interacting network of neurons that conveys electrochemical info throughout the body
the par of a neuron that coordinates info-processing tasks and keeps the cell alive
areas of the cerebral cortex that are composed of neurons that help proide sense and meaning to info registered in the cortexhelp stich together the threads of info in the various parts of the cortex to produce a meaningful understanding
neuroT involved in many functions including voluntary motor control
the junction or region between the axon of one neuron and the dendrites or cell body of another
a brain structure that relays info from the cerebellum to the rest of the brain
a part of the midbrain that orients an organism in the environment
a part of the subcortical system that plays a central role in many emotional processes, particularly the formation of emotional memories
neuroT major excitatory neuroT involved in info transmission throughout brain
a brain structure that regulates sleep, wakefulness, and levels of arousalinside the medulla is a small cluster of neurons called...
a part of the midbrain that is involved in movement and arousal
a split brain person sees a key on the left and a ring on the right, when asked to pick up with her left hand what she sees she picks up

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