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descriptionword/key phrase/nameextra hint
the variable that is manipulated in an experiment, under our controle.g. televised violence
verbal descrip of true nature and purpose of study
variable that is measured, its value depends on what the participant says or doese.g. agressiveness
term used to describe any attempt to acquire knowledge by observing objects or eventsoriginally a greek school of medicine that stressed observations
characteristic of an experiment in which the indp and dp variables are operationally defined in a normal,typical,or realistic way
group of people not exposed to studied stimuluse.g. did not watch televised violence
the co-relationship between two variables, each of which has been measured several times
descrip of an abstract property in terms of a concrete condition that can be measured
characteristic of an observation that allows one to draw accurate inferences from itconstruct and predictive
aspects of an observational setting that cause people to behave as they think an observer wants or expects them to behave
group of people being treated in a particular way, exposed to the stimuluse.g. watched televised violence
technique for choosing participants that ensures that every member of a population has an equal chance of being included in the sample
the complete collection of participants who might possibly be measured
the characteristic of an experiment that allows one to draw accurate inferences about the causal relationship between an indp and dep variable1) and indp variable has been effectively manipulated 2) dependent variable has been measured in unbiased way with valid, powerful, and reliable measure 3)correlation observed between the indp and dp variable
an observation whose true purpose is hidden form the researcher as well as from the participant
specific and testable prediction that is usually derived from a theory
descriptionword/key phrase/nameextra hint
a technique for establishing the causal relationship between variables
involves matching the avg of participants in the experimental and conrol groups in order to eliminate the possib that a 3rd variable (not indp) caused changes in the dependent variparticipants in two samples are identical in terms of a third variable
the tendency for a measure to produce different results when it is used to measure different things
the fact that the causal relationship between two variables cannot be inferred from the correlation between them because of infinite third variables
a device that measures muscle contractions under the surface of a person's skin
the partial collection of people who ACTUALLY were measured in a study
a device that can detect the measurable events to which an operational definition refers
a set of rules and techniques for observation that allow researchers to avoid the illusions, mistakes, and erroneous conclusions that simple observation can produce
written agreement to participate in a study
a method of gathering scientific knowledge by studying a single individual
the fact that two variables may be correlated only becaue they are both caused by a third variable
the tendency for a measure to produce the same result whenever it is used to measure the same thing
a property whose value can vary or change
hypothetical account of how and why a phenomenon occurs, form of a statement about the causal relationship betwn 2 or more properties
involves matching each participant in the experimental group with a specific participant in the control group in order to eliminate the possib that a third variable (not indp) causeach participant is identical to one other participant in terms of a third variable
a method of gathering scientific knowledge by unobtrusively observing people in their natural environments

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