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descriptionword/key phrase
the study of biological processes, especially in the human body
a subfield of psych that studies the causes and consequences of interpersonal behavior
the study of the purpose mental processes serve in enablig people to adapt to their environment
man who believed that private xperiences too vague to be scientifically studied, behaviorist
the analysis of the basic elements that constitute the mind
he did research that influenced the supreme court decision to ban segregation in public schools
errors of perception, memory, or judgement in which subj experience differs from obj reality
the part of the mind that operates outside of conscious, awareness but influences conscious thoughts, feelings, and actions
a psychological approach explaining mind and behavior in terms of the adaptive value of abilities that are preserved over time by natural selection
a psychological approach saying we often perceive the whole rather than sum of the parts
greek philosopher who believed that the mind is a blank slate
the subjective observation of one's own experience
philosophical view that all knowledge is acquired through experience
she became the first woman president of the APA
a now defunct theory that specific mental abilities and characteristics, ranging from memory to the capacity for happiness, are localized in specific regions of the brain
first lecturer of psychology in US, he was a functionalist
scientist who worked with a patient suffering damage to a small part of the left side of the brain, almost completely unable to speak but understood all that was said to him
greek philosopher who believed certain kinds of knowledge are innate
the consequences of a behavior that determine whether it will be more likely that the behavior will occur again
the scientific study of mental processes (perception, thought, memory, reasoning)
the first phrenology theorist
descriptionword/key phrase
person who formulated reinforcement
sensory input from the environment
our private inner experience of perceptions, thoughts, memories, and feelings
an approach to understanding human nature that focuses on positive potential of human beings
the amount of time taken to respond to a specific stimulus
a person's subjective experience of the world and the mind
observable actions of human beings and nonhuman animals
largest organization of psychologists in the U.S.
the philosophical view that certain kinds of knowledge are innate or born
a temp loss of cognitive or motor functions, usually bc of emotionally upsetting xperiences
Sig Freud's approach to understanding human behavior, the importance of unconscious mental processes in shaping feelings, thoughts, behaviors
the scientific study of mind and behavior
the study of how cultures reflect and shape the psych processes of members
person who studied why dogs salivate at the sight of their feeders
an approach to psych that links psych processes to activities in the nervous system and other bodily processes
an action or physiological change elicited by a stimulus
a field that tries to understand link between cognitive processes and brain activity
he founded the first laboratory devoted exclusively to psychology
a therapeutic approach focusing on bringing unconscious to conscious to better understand psych disorders
he developed a method for measuring the speed of nerve impulses by recording reaction time

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