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Can you name the 100 most populated cities, towns, and villages in New York State?

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CountyPlace NamePopulation
City: Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, and Richmond8,391,881
Town: Nassau764,982
Town: Suffolk490,416
Town: Suffolk337,565
Town: Nassau302,564
City: Erie270,240
Town: Nassau227,058
Town: Suffolk221,044
City: Monroe207,294
Town: Suffolk202,197
City: Westchester201,066
City: Onondoga138,560
Town: Suffolk121,817
Town: Rockland116,132
Town: Erie115,535
City: Albany93,836
Town: Monroe93,405
Town: Westchester90,296
Town: Erie87,496
Town: Rockland82,649
Town: Albany81,518
City: Westchester74,281
Town: Rockland71,749
City: Westchester68,815
Town: Suffolk61,527
City: Schenectady61,469
Town: Onondoga58,785
City: Herkimer, Oneida58,040
City: Westchester57,468
Town: Erie55,989
Village: Nassau53,971
Town: Broome53,926
City: Niagara51,295
Town: Monroe49,896
CountyPlace NamePopulation
Town: Rockland48,710
City: Rensselaer47,556
Town: Monroe45,695
Town: Monroe45,631
Town: Westchester45,248
Town: Westchester44,608
City: Broome44,401
Town: Orange44,195
Town: Dutchess44,163
Village: Nassau43,937
Town: Erie43,753
Town: Monroe41,910
Town: Westchester40,464
Town: Erie40,386
Town: Westchester37,951
Town: Rockland37,550
Town: Westchester36,906
Town: Saratoga36,469
City: Nassau36,311
Town: Monroe36,084
City: Nassau35,889
Town: Suffolk35,654
Town: Albany34,836
Town: Putnam34,378
Town: Monroe34,217
City: Oneida33,443
Town: Orange33,080
Town: Albany33,066
Town: Onondoga32,489
Town: Onondoga32,299
Town: Westchester31,592
Town: Orange31,265
City: Niagara31,110
Town: Onondoga30,314
CountyPlace NamePopulation
Town: Schenectady30,171
City: Tompkins30,013
Town: Schenectady29,975
City: Dutchess29,564
City: Chautauqua29,355
City: Chemung29,310
Town: Westchester29,241
City: Saratoga29,126
Town: Monroe28,829
Town: Dutchess28,797
Town: Monroe28,731
Village: Suffolk28,669
Town: Erie28,607
Town: Monroe28,301
Village: Westchester28,222
City: Orange28,173
Town: Erie28,084
Town: Orange27,926
Town: Warren27,788
City: Jefferson27,489
Town: Broome27,369
Town: Dutchess27,150
City: Nassau26,936
City: Cayuga26,903
Town: Westchester26,745
City: Orange25,936
Town: Orange25,254
City: Westchester24,746
Town: Orange24,602
Village: Nassau24,473
Town: Onondoga24,422
Village: Rockland23,701

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