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Don't Stop ________ Dj blow my speakers upTik Tok---3 words
It's a hole in the wall, it's a __________,and they turn me on, when they take it offTake it Off---4 words
Think you'll be getting this? Nah Nah Nah, _________, if you keep talking that blah blah blahBlah Blah Blah---7 words
Not long till you're a senior citizen, and you _________ with that sexy tank of oxygenDinosaur---3 words
Swimming pool. limousines, _________, cigar in the caviar Party at a Rich Dudes House---6 words
Got that glitter on my eyes, _________ looking sick and sexyfiedWe R Who We R---6 words
the night is fading _______ now just come and love me like we're gonna dieAnimal---3 words
Now the party's over and everybody's gone ________ and I wonder what went wrongHungover---5 words
You really should've kept it in your pants, _________ Maybe you shouldn't Kiss N TellKiss N Tell---7words
I'm feeling pathetic, ________, Why wont you call me?Stephen---4 words
Throw some glitter, _______, let me see them hands, let me let me see them handsBlow---3 words
Its not me, not right, I wanna _______, and this sucks, yeah VIP---3 words

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