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Have you got what it's got to be the ultimate gossip girl fan?

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Blonde 'it' girlblake lively
Chuck Bass's true loveleighton meester
Billionaire's soned westwick
His father was put in jail for embezzlement chace crawford
Gay brother of the blonde 'it' girlconnor paolo
Looses her virginity to chuck bass then gets banishedtaylor momsen
Who is gossip girl?penn badgley
voice of gossip girlxoxo gossip girl
Brooklyn brunette from vermontjessica szohr
Polish servant who marries a doormanzuzanna szadkowski
A mother who gets house arrest for obstruction of justicekelly rutherford
Was part of a hit band in the 90'smatthew settle
Pretended to be the blonde 'it' girl's cousinkaylee defer
Fashion designer and mother of a brunettemargaret colin
the main minion amanda setton
The jesus bitchmichelle trachtenberg
The billionaire who fakes his deathrobert john burke
The princehugo Becker
Asian girl who gets into yaleyin chang
The father who went to jail for embesslementsam robards
The doorman who marries the house maidaaron schwartz
The blonde 'it' girl's real cousinella rae peck
The sexy older woman who is the billionaire's son's motherelizabeth hurley
The teacher who was locked up for inappropriate relationship with a studentdavid call
The psycho girl who drugged the blonde 'it' girlkatie cassidy
The bitch of an uncledesmond harrigton
The boy who helps the blonde 'it' girl find her fathersebastian stan
The fashion designer's second husbandwallace shawn
The daughter of the man who wanted to buy bass industriestika sumpter
The grandfather James Naughton
The grandmother (not related to the grandfather)Caroline Lagerfelt
The daughter of the grandfather and her husband was put in jailFrancie Swift
The male cousin of one of the male main charactersAaron Tveit
The drug dealer who dated the two siblings of the two main characters Kevin Zegers
The daughter of the man the blonde nearly marries in season 6Sofia Black-D'Elia
The psycho mother who hired an actress to play her daughter Sheila Kelley
The man who wanted to buy Bass IndustriesMichael Boatman
The writer's book agentMarina Squerciati
the gay son's first boyfriendMatt Doyle
the Bass's private investigatorKevin Stapleton
The mother of the prince of MonacoJoanne Whalley
The artist that dates the blonde 'it' girl and is the son of the fashion definer's second husbandJohn Patrick Amedori
The famous actress that comes to NYU and has a threesomeHilary Duff
The 'it' girl who befriends the blonde and tries to scam everyone out of moneyTamara Feldman
The wife of the congressmanHolley Fain
The man who nearly marries the blonde 'it' girl in season 6Barry Watson
The son who was given up for adoption and goes to NYU to find his parentsChris Riggi
The fashion designer's first husbandJohn Shea
The woman in-charge of waldorf designs with very curly hairMichelle Hurd
The older woman who is a duchess and has an affair with her sonM├Ądchen Amick

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