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Group of 3 nucleotides that code for one specific amino acid
A type of bond that is weaker than covalent or ionic bonds
Process of using mRNA to make a protein
The 3 nucleotides in the start codon
Noncoding section of nucleotides
This scientist found that DNA has a helix shape
Adenine and Guannine both have a structure with two rings, classifying them as
Give the nucleotides of the complementary DNA strand ATCCAGTCCA
Enzymes that cut DNA into smaller segments
This part of a processed mRNA strand prevents the strand from quickly being broken down by Exonucleases
Silent mutations are most often this type of mutation
Mutations that result in an early stop codon and protein coded by the gene are generally nonfunctional:
Chromosomes that code same thing although the sequence of nucleotides may be different
An organism that has its own genes and an additional gene(s) from a different organism
A circular strand of DNA
A protein with multiple forms due to a change in the tertiary structure
A sequence of genes located together that perform complimentary functions
The control of transcription
A repressor protein is in this form when not attached to an operator
Pieces of DNA on the lagging strand created from DNA polymerase starting and stopping
Allows DNA replication to occur more quickly
Enzyme that unzips DNA
This asexual type of reproduction is how bacteria cells divide
Identical copies of chromosomes with the same alleles:
Is process is exactly like mitosis
The process in which all 4 sperm cells produced from meiosis will be used as sperm cells
Gender of someone with XY sex chromosomes
For every trait each individual has two alleles
The phenotypic ratio of a dihybrid cross between two heterozygous parents
The number of chromosomes in each of four daughter cells after meiosis in humans
Selection pressures that favor the two extremes of a phenotype
The scientist who believed that profound change could take place through the cumulative effect of slow but continuous processes
True or False: Organisms that are more adapt to their environment are always very fit
An event that kills off the majority of the population randomly
Things such as different behaviors or habitats that prevent similar species from mating
Changes confined to a single gene pool
The formation of a new species in the same place as the original species
Having extra chromosomes
The first step of natural selection
Different structures with similar functions
The study of the evolutionary relationships between species
Period of time when most complex organisms appeared millions of years ago
The type of evolution in which animals with a common ancestor fill different roles in an environment
Structures must have been important in some ancestral form, but became redundant in later species
The number of kingdoms
A large molecule made up of monomers
Polar is to hydrophilic as _________ is to hydrophobic
The stage of the cell cycle that DNA is replicated during
A reaction that breaks down molecules into smaller pieces and released energy
This element has an atomic number of 8

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