Edexcel GCSE French Verbs

Can you name the Edexcel GCSE French Verbs

English VerbInfinitive
to accept
to accompany
to buy
to love
to help
to like
to add
to light, turn on
to improve
to cancel
to call
to learn
to arrive
to wait for
to land
to have
to chat
to drink
to change
to load, to charge
to choose
to click
to stick
to order
to begin
to understand
to count
to drive
to know (be familiar with)
to advice
to contact
to cost
to believe
to decide
to describe
to lift the receiver
to ask
to spend
to go down
to want, to desire
to hate
to have to
to say
to discuss
to give
to sleep
to last
to listen
to write
to prevent
to borrow
to hear
to enter
to send
to hope
to try
to be
to study
English VerbInfinitive
to close
to finish, to end
to knock, to hit
to win, to earn
to park
to live
to inform
to introduce
to invite
to throw
to leave (an object)
to rent, to hire
to eat
to miss
to walk
to deserve
to put
to climb, to get on
to show
to snow
to note
to give (presents)
to organise
to forge
to open
to forgive
to speak
to leave
to pass by, to spend (time)
to think
to lose
to allow
to please
to cry
to ask a question
to push
to be able to
to prefer
to take
to present
to lend
to avoid, to warn
to produce
to leave
to tell
to go wrong, to fail
to receive
to research
to recommend
to regret
to refund
to thanks
to put back
to replace
to fill
to meet
to return
to repair
English VerbInfinitive
to repeat
to answer
to reserve
to look like, to resemble
to stay
to return
to succeed
to revise
to laugh
to go along (in a car)
to apply to
to enjoy oneself
to be called
to stop
to sit down
to jump
to save
to know (a fact)
to escape
to argue
to be located
to sign
to be interested in
to look after
to manage
to hurry
to get angry
to go for a walk
to remember
to serve
to use
to end
to seem
to ring
to wish
to smile
to park
to follow
to surf the internet
to type
to phone
to hold
to pull
to fall
to touch
to work
to find
to use
to sell
to come
to check
to live
to visit
to see
to steal
to want

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