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Can you name the Harry Potter things from A-Z?

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Forced Order
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Where Albus Dumbledore got murderedA
Author of 'A History of Magic' B
Where the Weasleys went on holiday to in 1993C
Teachers whom taught this subject would only last one year on the job.D
Harry Potter's mother's maiden nameE
What Ollivander made with Harry's wand when testing it for the Weighing of the WandsF
Hagrid's half-brotherG
A horcrux that was hidden in Bellatrix Lestrange's vaultH
A death-eater from Durmstrang I
Hex one of the Weasley twins performed on Draco Malfoy when he insulted Cedric Diggory in 1995J
A carnivorous, shape-shifting 'horse' creatureK
The dragon that is called the Romanian ___L
Lupin's nickname M
Author of 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'N
Where Lockhart claims there were 'a series of attacks' similar to the Basilisk's in 1992O
Spell to create a portkey P
5-legged dangerous animal found only on the Isle of Drear off ScotlandQ
Counter-charm to the Engorgement Charm R
Where Hogwarts is locatedS
A Ravenclaw student in Harry's year with a surname of BootT
A toad-like professor U
This is an easy one; HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMEDV
Bill Weasley's first nameW
Luna Lovegood's fatherX
The wood of Tom Riddle's wandY
A joke shop in HogsmeadeZ

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