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QUIZ: Can you name the words ending in 'der'?

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snake or sum finder
name of ancient conqueror
Futurama robot
pee pouch
fire-type Pokemon
beverage made from apple juice
its volume is given by πr^2h
Orson Scott Card protagonist
bring into existence
heavyweight champion Holyfield
feed for livestock
divide for votes
supply of food
pale purple or flower of same color
Spartan military leader
move aimlessly
river between Germany and Poland
poisonous white to pink flower
cause to become
ship structure for steering
golf tournament cup
like a newt
Jewish feast during Passover
what you might do thinking about the next entry
creepypasta man or spin-off game
Aragorn, i.e.
flammable material or matchmaking app
Star Wars baddie
over there

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