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the five flavors of sake are known as?
fragrance of sake
what term is added to describe warm temp?
what is 98.6 or body serving temp?
with is light sake
with is heavy sake
what term is added to describe a chilled temp?
un pasteurized sake
term for brewmaster
1989 NTAA Rated Special Class
First class rated
second class rated
regular pasteurized sake
essence of rice
pressing of moromi
wooden boxes or press for bags of moromi
spent rice after pressing
a large accordion like press: Yabuta
canvas bags left hang moromi, juice drips out
juice that drips from canvas bags is called?
65 degree C pasteurization process
sake bottling
What mineral in water are bad?
What mineral in water are good
What mineral in water is bad?
What mineral in water are good
What mineral in water are good
what is refined sake?
what is graded sake?
What is happoshu?
What is pure sake before dilution?
What is sake with alcohol added to moromi?
What is Japanese spirit made from rice/potatoes?
What is rice with a polish of over 60%
What is rice with a polish of 50%
What is the term for a polish of between 50-60%
What does tokubetsu mean?
what is flash pasturization
sake aged in cedar cask
unfiltered milky sake
diluted sake brought down to 16-17% abv
What is yamahai-shikomi
fresh pressed sake juice
unfiltered fresh sake
sake aged 3 years
small batch, or small region sake
cheap or poorly made sake
size of a regular ginjoshu sake bottle?
dryness/sweetness scale of sake?
sake labeled sweet
sake labeled dry
acidity of sake is described as?
Dry sake would have a number scale of?
sweet sake would have e number scale of?
lively fresh fizzy sake

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