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QUIZ: Can you name the causes of Germany's involvement in WW1?

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What evidence did Fischer base his conclusion on?
The main theory of responsibility accepted by most historians is that of .........'s.hat
Germany felt threatened by alliances such as the Triple Entente and the forces of change.
Date of Army Bill increasing Germany's army by 170,000 troops?
It is debatable whether Germany saw the war as one of '................. and conquest' or a '...............' war launched to break encirclement.
The Navy League call for the expansion of Germany's Navy on the grounds of 'protection'.
In Fischer's 'War of Illusions' he claims that Germany used warfare as a solution to ...
Six Battle Cruisers are added to the building programme.
German term defining 'World Politics'
Chancellor of Germany 1900-1909
A blueprint for victory on both the French and Russian fronts:
Germany were forced to accept full responsibility in the ...
German term defining 'Fleet Policy'
The proposal to build 38 Battleships over the next 20 years.
Fischer's 'Sensational' Conclusion, Germany intended to achieve...

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