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QUIZ: Answer the trivia questions of RuPaul's Drag Race

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Who in their audition tape for Season 3 says 'I'm keeping my baby'?
Which Season 7 queen got reposted by Justin Bieber?
What is the name of Manila Luzon's song that she dedicated to Sahara Davenport?
What is one of Adore Delano's favourite video games?
Name one thing that Trixie Mattel has banned Katya from in their 'Unhhhh' series?
What is the nastiest read that Kim Chi has given Naomi Smalls?
In the AAA girls' 'Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man', what colour is the phone that Alaska is holding?
Name the drag group which made a parody of a song of the singer that Alexis Mateo impersonated on Snatch Game.
In Detox's 'Supersonic', what 'odyssey ends with you and me'?
What is the first name of RuPaul's husband?

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