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'I always channel my _________ into my work' - Cinna
'She can't handle it the ______ destroyed her' - Coin
'I hunt. He bakes. __________ drinks' - Katniss
'You have as much charm as a dead _____' - Haymitch
'What's your favourite ______' - Peeta
'It starts at _______' - Plutarch
'_____ is the only thing stronger than fear' - Snow
'Good thing we're ______ right?' - Finnick
'Just this time 12 for ____' - Thresh
'Chins up, _____ on' - Effie
'I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am a _______ as the sun' - Katniss
'If you want to keep _____ safe from the rebels, you can.' - Prim
'You could live a thousand __________ and not deserve that boy' - Haymitch
'Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can't ________ without' - Gale
Good Luck. And may the _____ be ever in your favour' - Claudius

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