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LyricsSong Title
Its feeling like the walls are caving in the ground shakes beneath us we're falling...
I just woke up to twelve missed calls lost my keys got no clothes on
I push rewind oh oh oh
3 months since I saw her face looking back we were living up
I don't wanna admit it but I see you and i know
looking in the magazines or video here we go girls but none for me
I don't normally break the rules but it feels like something's in the air tonight
I like the way you taste I like the way you misbehave
It's that kinda night where you're blinded by the light
I'm freaked out but I can't cry out come on
LyricsSong Title
I guess this is how it feels i guess this is how it's meant to be
It's one of those days when everything is going wrong
You left me standing in the rain you left me thinking I'm to blame
Stop thinking with your mouth your thoughts are way to loud
I need a second to work this out I need a second to scream and shout
I hope I'm not wasting time searching for something I'm never gonna find
I'll pick you up at eight I said she's got a smile on her face and I'm a nervous wreck
It was all so clear when I was a teenager
If I wrote you a love song would you listen would you sing along

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