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Can you name the People and Places in the World of Gilmore Girls?

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What Is The Name Of Rory's Grandmother?
Who Is Rory's First Boyfriend?
Who Is The Actor Who Played Lorelai Gilmore?
Who Is Rory's Best Friend? (Non-Family Member)
Which State Is Gilmore Girls Set In?
What Is The Name Of Lorelai And Sookie's Inn?
Where Does Rory Have Her First Kiss?
What Nationality Is Paris's Nanny?
What Is The Historic Street Name Of Lorelai And Sookie's Inn?
What Is The Name Of The Theme Tune?
Who Is The Owner of the Independence Inn?
Who Is Lorelai And Sookie's French Co-Worker And Friend?
What Does Rory Get Arrested For?
What Is Mrs Kim's Business?
What Is The Shop That Opens Next To Luke's Diner Called?
What College Does Rory Go To?
What Do Rory and Lorelai Plan To Do For Rory's 21st?
Which School Production Does Kirk Star In?
Where Does Richard Stay During His Separation?
Why Does Rory Skip School To Visit Jess?
What Is The Name Of Sookie's Husband?
Why Did Rory Ground Herself As A Child?
What Song Does Lorelai Sing To Rory After Her First Cop Raided Party?
Where Do Lorelai's Parents Live?
Why Does Rory Miss Lorelai's Graduation?
Who Plays Rory?
What Is Rory's Father's Name?
What Is The Name Of Luke's Daughter?
What Is The Name of Sookie's First Child?
What Is Luke To Jess?
What Is The Name Of Rory's Half Sister?
What Is Taylor's Main Town Role? (Which Jackson Later Takes Over)
What Does Lorelai Store In Her Garage For Luke?
What Is The Name Of Kirk's Girlfriend?
What Character From A Novel Does Rory Compare Jess With?
What Is Rory's Punishment For Her Crime?
Who Reads The Bible For Lane So He Can Take Her To Prom?
Who Does Rory End Up Sharing Accommodation With At College?
What Is The Name Of Rory's Chick?
What Does Logan Buy Rory Which Her Grandmother Also Appreciates?
From Whom Does Luke Buy Lorelai's Wedding Ring?
Who Plays Jess Mariano?
What Does Luke Make For Lorelai's Wedding to Max?
What Is Rory's Full Name?
What Is The Headmaster At Chilton Called?
What Is The Name Of Lorelai's Dog?
Who Is Rory's Idol?
What Is The Name Of Lane's Band?
What Does DAR Stand For?
Why Does Jess Go To California?
Why Does Jess Return In Season 6?
Who Is Rory's Romeo?
What Is The Game Brought Out In Disastrous Social Situations In The Gilmore House?
Which Two Men Play This?
What Film Had They Seen Immediately Beforehand?
What Is The Name Of The Younger's (Ex-)Wife?

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