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Height (m)ColRange
2240Pyrenees - Andorra's Pride
1349Pyrenees - Ocana's Downfall
1780Pyrenees - Armstrong's Favourite
1250Pyrenees - The History Climb
1089Pyrenees - Casartelli's Memorial
1570Pyrenees - Start in Massat
1489Pyrenees - Pyrenean Perfection
1709Pyrenees - The Two in One Climb
1616Pyrenees - The Pilgrim's Watchtower
1720Pyrenees - Twists and Turns
1569Pyrenees - Fields of Green
1786Pyrenees - First British Yellow Jersey
2115Pyrenees - The Elder Statesman
1755Pyrenees - Andy's Chain
1178Vosges - The First Mountain Ever
1343Vosges - The Roof of the Vosges
1383Massif Central - Top of the Auvergne
1415Massif Central - Volcanic Action
1589Massif Central - Highest Massif Road
1562Massif Central/Cevennes - Ask Krabbe
Height (m)ColRange
820Massif Central/Cevennes - The Rider
1350Massif Central - Rui Costa wins ahead of Pip
1613Alps - A Climb of Two Halves
2764Alps - Up in the Thin Air
1691Alps - Hard as Nails
1993Alps - The Serpent of the Alps
1697Alps - Rocking up the Lake
1639Alps - A Pair of Beethovens
2188Alps - A Pair of Beethovens
1850Alps - The Dutch Mountain
2067Alps - Pyrenees Meet the Alps
2646Alps - Giant of the Alps
1924Alps - The Siamese Twin
2058Alps - Guardian of the Guisanne Valley
1850Alps - Gateway to Italy
2035Alps - An Adventure into Italy
1566Alps - Stepping Stone to a Giant
2802Alps - The Top of The Tour
2360Alps - Where the Ghosts of Coppi and Bobet Live
1909Provence - The Giant of Provence

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