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Creon and Haemon argue
Antigone tells Creon to kill her
Creon thanks Haemon for being obedient
Haemon comes to Creon
Ismene refuses to help Antigone
Creon speaks about his principles
Ismene and Antigone fight
Creon calls Ismene
Creon tells the sentry to bring him the person who disobeyed him
Haemon asks for the pardon of Antigone
Creon sentences Antigone but frees Ismene
Antigone kills herself
The sentry comes to Creon with Antigone
Eruydice kills herself
Creon feels remorseful about his actions throughout the course of the play
The sentry announces that someone has disobeyed Creon's decree
Creon disregards Teiresias
Antigone buries Polyneices
Creon changes his mind about Antigone
Teiresias warns Creon
Antigone tells Ismene about Creon's decree
Polyneices and Eteocles kill eachother
Antigone prays that Creon's fate equals her own
Ismene says that she is guilty
Haemon kills himself
Antigone blames her father for her fate
Oedipus gouges out his eyes
Haemon shares what the people have been saying about Creon

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