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AFirst appears in 'The one with Rachel's other sister and is played by actress Christina Applegate
BPhoebe's bald friend and is played by actress Christine Taylor
CChandler's transvestite father and is played by actress Kathleen Turner
DLeaves Phoebe to go to Minsk and is played by Hank Azaria
EJoey's Agent and is played by June Gable
FPhoebe's half brother and is played by Giovanni Ribisi
GRachel's maternity cover and is played by Dermot Mulroney
HRachel and Monica's annoying neighbour and is played by Larry Hankin
IWas on Ross's five celebrities he would sleep with and played herself in the show
JWas Rachel's boss at Bloomingdales and is played by Alison LaPlaca
KWas initially Joey's girlfriend but later becomes Chandler's girlfriend and is played by Paget Brewster
LPhoebe's ex-singing partner and is played by Elizabeth Daily
MThe college friend that Rachel kissed and is played by Winona Ryder
NChandler's erotic novelist Mother and is played by Morgan Fairchild
OO is the last letter of Rachel's Italian boyfriends name and is played by Cosimo Fusco
PPhoebe's very optimistic boyfriend and is played by Alec Baldwin
QMonica and Chandler were going to save their wedding china for them
RPhoebe's naval officer boyfriend and is played by Charlie Sheen
SRoss's lesbian wife's partner and is played by Jessica Hecht
TRachel's assistant boyfriend and is played by Eddie Cahill
UPhoebe's twin sister and is played by Lisa Kudrow
VThe word Ross and Rachel consider naming their baby after they can't agree on a name
WWas in the 'I hate Rachel' club with Ross and is played by Brad Pitt
XX is the last letter of Joey's room mate girlfriends last name and is played by Elle Macpherson
YWhen Rachel first met her boyfriend Danny, her and Monica thoght he was a creature and called him this something Y
ZZ is the first letter of Rachel's boss' last name and is played by Steve Ireland

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