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QUIZ: Can you name the Black Hawk Down missing quote and answer trivia questions?

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Quote/QuestionMissing Word(s)Character
This isn't ____, you know. Much more complicated than that.General Garrison
Firstly it's the Mog, or simply Mog. No one calls it ____ here. I wouldn't know about the fighting, so don't ask.Grimes
Grimes: 'Look kid, you look you're about 12, so let me explain something to you. I have a rare and mysterious skill that precludes me from going on the missions. ' What skill?Blackburn
if Delta wants to wear ______, thats their business. I don't want to see them on you again, hoo-ah?Pilla mocking Steele
You'll be cleaning latrines with your tongue until you can't taste the difference between s@#t and ____. Are we clear?Steele
I made ____ through Desert storm. I made _____ through Panama while everyone else got to fight. Grimes
You touch my limo and I'll ___ you, Night Stalker. You hear me?Wolcott
All units ___, I say again _____Matthews
Don't you ever give me orders Sgt. We are ___ ineffective.Steele
C-2, I have two Delta snipers, ____ and _____ volunteering to secure crash site 2. Over.Goffena
Quote/QuestionMissing Word(s)Character
Are my ____ OK?Smith
I'm not getting on no f!@#g _____.Twombly
In what country does the battle take place?
Who was the warlord sought by the US?
The warlord's son was not only a naturalized US citizen but also a US______?
Name of the 1992 US led UN sanctioned military effort to secure food supplies in the war torn nation
The author of the book Black Hawk Down
Who fell from the helicopter rope?
Who was the first American KIA?
How many American soldiers were killed in the raid?

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