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heal me, i'm heartsick
i love it when you spin your head for me
you, what do you own the world?
i hold on because i won't let go
there's probably rich folks eating
dance with the dead in my dreams
take a walk outside your mind
hey, man, i'm alive
last night a little angel
v is for virtue so i ain't gonna hurt you
girl before i met you i was f.i.n.e. fine
that's the way i like it baby
shiny diamonds,
said i'm a mean machine i'm drinkin' gasoline
well she's walking through the clouds
i see the fire in your eyes
i still press your letters to my lips
listen to the wind blow
never opened myself this way
sometimes i feel like i'm dying at dawn
carved into time
highway run into the midnight sun
beth i hear you calling
scuse me while i tend to how i feel
i'll eat my candy with the pork and beans
i'm tired of playing dumb, tired of being pushed around
the bullet connects at last
in starlit nights i saw you
i've seen everything imaginable
could have been easier on you

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