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QUIZ: Can you name the Some Mother's Son lyrics?

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SongMissing Word
Some mother's son lies __ a field
Someone has killed some mother's son ______
_____ blown up by some soldier's gun
While all the ________ stand and wait
Some mother's son ain't coming _____ today
Some mothers son ain't got __ grave
____ soldiers fighting in a trench
One soldier glances up to see the ____
And dreams of ______ he played when he was young
And then his ______ calls out his name
It stops his ______ and as he turns his head
A ______ later he is dead
Some mother's son lies __ a field
Back home they put his _______ in a frame
SongMissing Word
But all dead soldiers _____ the same
While ___ the parents stand and wait
To meet their children coming home from ______
Some mother's son is lying _____
__________ someone is crying
_________ is trying to be so brave
But still the ____ keeps turning
Though all the ______ have gone away
Some mother's son lies __ a field
But in his mother's ____ he looks the same
As on the ____ he went away
They put his _______ on the wall
They put _______ in the picture frame
Some mothers ______ remains

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