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Who is 'Dr. Model'?
what is the name of Meredith's dog in season two?
how many hours is meredith's first shift?
how many times has April Kepner been fired?
who is 'Evil Spawn'?
How many people have lived in Derek's trailer?
where did Cristina Yang go to school?
where did Meredith go to school?
Where did Preston Burke go to school?
What is Derek's middle name?
What is the name of Cristina's stepfather?
How many sisters does Derek have
What is the name of Meredith and Derek's daughter?
what is the name of Derek's youngest sister?
How many half-sisters does meredith have?
What was the name of the scrub nurse that Derek dated?
How many Children did mark sloan have?
what is Lexie's full name?
which character gets Syphilis from a nurse?
Where did teddy leave Seattle grace to go?
what is Addison's specialty?
in season 5, who did derek and mark get into a fist fight over?
Which character failed their boards?
What is Jackson's religion?
Who is 'Julio Plantain'?
what number was Lexie given by Cristina?
What is the name of Dr. Bailey's first husband?
What is the name of Arizona's Brother
In what season did Richard start drinking again?
Where in Africa did Arizona go?
What is the name of the paramedic that April dated?
What is Callie's middle name?
what specialty is Owen Hunt?
Who does Owen fire in season 8?
Who moves to seattle in season 11?

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