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Forced Order
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What brand of guitar does Roger play?
What does Mark's mother get him for Christmas?
What is Benny's wife's name?
How did Roger's girlfriend April die?
Where does Mimi work?
From what story of the building does Evita jump?
What kind of car does Benny drive?
What is Maureen's nickname for Mark and Joanne?
Who is the leader of Life Support?
What color are Mimi's eyes?
What has Angel been hearing all night?
Where does Jill, the Calvin Klein model, live?
Which coat was owned by an MBA from uptown?
What is the name of the cow in Maureen's performance piece?
How many people order the seaweed salad?
Where is the riot after Maureen's performance?
What show does Alexi Darling work on?
What did Mimi wear when she went to talk to Benny?
What does Maureen want to dress as for her next protest?
What season is it at the start of Without You?
Where is Alexi Darling on Labor Day weekend?
What did Angel help the lost tourists find?
What does Roger sell his guitar to pay for?
Who pays for Angel's funeral?
Where do Maureen and Joanne find Mimi?
What are the final words of the show?

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