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why is the world green
science of interactions
different viewpoints in how species interact
TRUE/FALSE: everything in ecology is scale dependent
questions in ecology are ____ and ____ (seperate with comma, no space b/w comma and words)
Perspectives in ecology (in order of size)
individuals of the same species interacting at the same spatial and temporal scale
Name the growth model: dN/dt=rN
Name the growth model: dN/dt=rN(K-N)/K
Interaction of a population through space and time
_______ is an important factor in metapopulation dynamics that is not in population dynamics (ex. birth, death)
________ is made of small isolated populations
any parameter (intra or extra) that prevents a population from growing exponentially
an interaction through periodic occupancy of space
TRUE/FALSE: community is the interaction, not the physical presence of organisms or populations in a place.
-/- interactions
+/- interactions
+/+ interactions
+/0 interactions
-/0 interactions
Competition between species
Competition within a species
Competition is any interaction between 2 species where an ______ in density of either species causes a decrease in the ______(4 words)_______ of the other. (seperate words with com
struggle for limiting resourses
One species inhibits another by ingesting a shared resource
Mainly among sessile organism, when the mere presence of one species reduces a shared resource for another species.
One species inhibits another by changing the chemical composition of a resource
One species inhibits access of another species to a resource via behavioural aggression
Two species cannot use the same resource in the same way and coexist
True/False: for two species to coexist, intraspecific competition is less than interspecific competition
Consumption (j consumes i) is when an increase in i results in a _____ in the per capita population growth rate of j and an increase in j causes a _______ in the per capita populat
An ‘n‐dimensional hypervolume’ where ‘n’ equals the number of physical and biological factors important to the survival and reproduction of a species.
n‐dimensional hypervolume+interactions

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