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(heathers) who is the first to die?
(heathers) what is the name of the bullets JD mentions during 'our love is god'?
(next to normal) what is the name of the main character?
(grease) where was sandy originally going to move to after summer break?
(book of mormon) where do elder price and elder cunningham get sent of their mission?
(jamie) what shop does jamie go to to buy his dress?
(carrie) who wrote the book that the musical was based from?
(heathers) what colour is heather chandler's scrunchie?
(dear evan hansen) what is the name of the ice cream shop mentioned in 'for forever'?
(little shop of horrors) finish the title: 'mean green mother from ______'?
(bare) what song was sang by the virgin mary?
(21 chump street) how many songs are there?
(spring awakening) during which song does melchior realise he's f*cked up?
(21 chump street) what is the last line?
(falsettos) what is the name of the first lady that is mentioned in 'about time'
(be more chill) who plays Jeremy in the OBC?
(if/then) finish the title: 'it ain't no man _______'
(hamilton) who 'died for hamilton' in alexander hamilton?
(grease) what decade was it set?
(jamie) what is the first song?
(carrie) what is chris;'s boyfriend's name?
(rent) who played joanne in the movie?
(matilda) in which song does the line 'every escape starts with the click of a lock' appear?
(grease) what is the name of the school they attend?
(dear evan hansen) what mental illness does Evan have?
(hamilton) who wins the election of 1800?
(spring awakening) whos last name is 'stiefel'?
(little shop of horrors) what happened that caused audrey II appear?
(be more chill) what is Rich Goranski's sexuality?
(heathers) finish the quote: 'f*ck me gentally with a ______'
(rent) what is the name of the cow in 'over the moon'?
(grease) what is the name of the gang Danny was in?
(hamilton) name one of the people who wanted to hire hamilton during the fight?
(avenue Q) what character is obsessed with finding their purpose?
(be more chill) what tattoo does michael have?
(if/then) how many of the cast members were also in the OBC of rent?
(21 chump street) what did naomi ask justin to buy for her?
(book of mormon) what do the people of uganda think will cure their aids?
(rent) how many minutes in a year
(if/then) finish the line 'how much you love your life is what ______'
(hamilton) who does Aaron Burr replace to be senator?
(book of mormon) what does 'hasa diga eebowai' translate to?
(bare) in the musical adaptation of bare: a pop opera, epiphany was replaced with a new song, what was this song called?
(spring awakening) what colour is used to describe summer?
(21 chump street) how long did it take to write?
(book of mormon) where is elder price's favourite place in the world?
(jamie) where does Jamie have his first drag show?
(falsettos) how old was jason in act 2?
(avenue Q) what is the internet for?
(avenue Q) what colour is nicky
(little shop of horrors) what do you need to feed an audrey II in order for it to grow?
(be more chill) what year did it come to broadway?
(dear evan hansen) who helps Evan write the emails?
(carrie) what is the first song?
(carrie) finish the song title: 'unsuspecting _____'
(falsettos) how many jews are in the room b*tching
(matilda) What is the name of matilda's teacher
(spring awakening) what is the first song to have a reprise?
(next to normal) what actress played diana in the OBC?
(jamie) what is jamie's last name?
(dear evan hansen) what character dies at the start of the show?
(little shop of horrors) who did seymour buy Audrey II from?
(avenue Q) what does princeton have a BA in?
(matilda) What song takes place on swings?
(falsettos) who played whizzer in the 2016 revival?
(bare) what is peter's mum's name?
(if/then) who played elizabeth?
(rent) where does mimi work?
(next to normal) what pill does diana describe as being her favourite colour?
(next to normal) finish the line 'i might be lazy, a loner, a bit of a _____'
(bare) what play were they performing?
(matilda) who wrote the book that it was based on?

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