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what is the main character's name?
the actor who played jeremy in the original show shares the same first name as the actor who plays jeremy in the broadway production, what is that name
what is the name of the first instrumental song?
who wrote the music and lyrics for the musical?
what year did it come to broadway?
what theatre did it premiere in?
the show was based on a book, who was the book written by?
what song is the first to have a reprise in the broadway version?
joe iconis is married to one of the cast members, what character does she play?
what tattoo does michael have?
what is rich's sexuality
is it confirmed that michael has 2 mums?
finish the line:but i swear the voices there will be_______
what is rich's last name
to activate a squip, what do you need to drink?
to DEactivate the squip, what do you need to drink?
where is the squip from?
what colour is the squip?
when did it open on broadway?
what is the last song in act 1?
what character does stephanie hsu play?
what car does michael drive?
what does jeremy call michael at the party?
what gets written on michaels backpack?
did the actress of chloe change for the broadway run?
who does jeremy's squip look like?
in 'a guy that id kinda be into' Christine sings about a guy she likes, who is this guy?
what is the last song?

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